In July 2016, Tim Krise rejuvenated Krise Transportation, Inc.  With his leadership and direct involvement, this company is ready and able to provide student transportation services to school districts across Pennsylvania.  


Tim has over 40 years of experience in the passenger transportation industry.  He started his career in 1981 as a school bus driver while a senior in high school.  In 1987 he purchased two school buses and began transporting for a school district in northeastern Pennsylvania.  He began Krise Bus Service, Inc. in 1990 when he was awarded the company’s first significant contract, providing transportation for the Punxsutawney Area School District.  Krise Bus Service experienced major growth over the years.  Throughout a 14 year span, the company grew to just under 500 school buses and vans servicing 13 school districts.


The company’s growth was based not only on cost, and of course, safety, but on loyalty, trust and commitment. The focus was on creating and maintaining individual business relationships with each of its customers.


In 2004 a national school bus contractor, acquired Krise Bus Service.  To maintain the service level the schools under contract were accustomed to, Tim Krise continued with the company for over 12 years, first as a consultant, then as Vice President of Operations in Pennsylvania.  However, during that time period a different philosophy emerged and Tim Krise left the school bus transportation business that he had been a part of for over 30 years. 

After sitting on the sidelines for a year, Tim Krise reemerged by creating a school bus company under the name of Krise Transportation, Inc.  After observing the large national companies, he realized that we have so much more to offer a school district.  Student transportation has always been a demanding industry; however, in today’s society, it is even more demanding. This company believes in establishing a good working relationship with the school districts to create and maintain a reliable, efficient and safe transportation program.  Districts need to know who the owner is and that they are always going to be there when needed.  We are “hands on” and do whatever it takes to meet and exceed district expectations.  In addition, we always make sure there are ample, qualified drivers for the job needed and at the same time compensate those drivers fairly and treat them as team players.




Our mission is to provide school districts in Pennsylvania with safe, reliable and efficient student transportation services using the best qualified drivers, equipment and technology, while controlling costs, resulting in establishing long term relationships.


We recognize the importance of our employees, especially our drivers that are the heart of the operation.  Our drivers receive excellent training and have good moral character.  All of our employees are treated as equals and are exposed daily to a welcoming and supportive work environment. We want our employees to “want to come to work”, not dread it. 

We pride ourselves by keeping our door open to employee input, supporting them and working alongside them in their jobs.  


Our objective is to minimize driver turnover by recognizing long term employees through seniority and compensation.  




Our focus is, and always will be, on SAFETY.  Supporting this statement is our continuous safety programs throughout every school year, which all employees must attend. To further promote safety awareness, drivers receive safety rewards for not having any preventable accidents. 



This company is always researching ways to reduce emissions by operating a late model fleet equipped with emission reduction devices, reducing idling time, and looking at reliable and cost effective alternate fuel vehicles.